About our Fundraising

On this page we will give details of our fund raising events planned and completed. Our stall at the Eckington Festival on Saturday 2nd July was well received and helped raise more funds for our cause, thanks again to those who visited us there. Our event, Quay of Sea, on Saturday 20th August at the Parish Church was also a great success both as an entertaining evening and as a fundraiser.

Our latest event was on Thursday 1st September a concert by the Eckington Singers. This was a well attended event of choral music entitled Sacred Summer and all those in attendance enjoyed the music on offer. The event was also a finacial success raising more than £700 towards our financial target.

We currently don’t have any further fundraisers planned but will be meeting shortly to discuss future possibilities.

See some of the images taken at our recent Sale in the Civic Centre. Look out for other events in the not too distant future.

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